Greetings, Beautiful Mutants! And how may we be of service?


8/29/2016 - New stuff!

Hey everyone! Writing to inform of a few additions to the collection.

Over in the Shows section, we've got a few new dates available. We've got a show from 6/30/2007 in Italy, in both a raw and equalized form (be warned, the quality is fairly rough), two shows from the Something for Everybody tour dated 7/3/2010 at the Minneapolis Zoo (this one sounds stellar!) and 9/15/2012 in Newport Beach and last but not least, a newly circulating recording from 12/11/1988 at the Oasis in San Francisco, ripped from cassette and donated by BeAuTiFuL MuTaNt! Thanks for that, Aaron!

One new entry in the Mark Mothersbaugh section: The Most Powerful Healing Muzik in the Entire World, a 6-disc set of stream-of-consciousness, improvised electric organ music that was sold in very limited amounts at Mark's art shows in years past. It's great thinking music!

And over in the Specialties section, there's a whole slew of audio documentation from DEVOtional events 2008 and onward. We have some new additions on the near horizon as well: "Remastered" (speed corrected) shows from 1977 and onward, treated with loving care by Prof. Von Marko! Dig in!

8/13/2016 - The Basement Goes Digital

Hello Spuds! Alex Brunelle here. It's been a long time since I've typed in this space. Let me first say the most important thing in this update: The audio collection of Booji Boy's Basement is now accessible via digital download! Due to various things, you must email us to get links to the downloads, and our video collection is not yet available. To get all the details on how to get the links and what to do with them, head on over to the How To area!

There have been many factors that have put Booji Boy's Basement into a "cocoon siesta phase" over the last several years, but that doesn't mean it's dead. I moved to Los Angeles, started working more hours than I've ever worked before, and lost a lot of the time that I used to have to devote to this project. This website is also a royal pain to update. More on that in a minute. In the years between our last inventory update in 2009 and now, Rich Anderson has been meeting the occasional demand for requests from our collection, and he is owed much gratitude for that.

The principal reason why this website in particular has fallen by the wayside is it is massively outdated, in terms of its structure. The web has hugely evolved in the time between when this incarnation of the website was launched in 2005 and now. As it stands right now, each individual page has to be created by itself in HTML, linked to all correct places, formatted by hand, etc. On average, it would probably take me at least 10 minutes to just add a single disc to the collection. As it stands, I have amassed nearly 100 new discs, audio and video, that need to be added.

What we need is a new website. We need something backed by a database that we can easily update as soon as new material is available. We want something that is easily searchable, able to be cross-referenced and we want for spuds to be able to leave their thoughts on a particular recording. We've tried three different times in three different ways over the last several years (most recently at the end of 2013), and each attempt has ended in a standstill. Maybe you can help? If you are a web designer or know someone who is that can help us with this project, it is something we desperately need. Please get in touch with myself and Rich if you're able to help. We don't know if we can pay anyone, but we do know we have a mountain of incredible DEVO archival material that we can offer.

The air is stale in the Basement, but we fully intend to clean house.