About Us

Around 1996, the DEVO Bootleg Archive was born. Mike Watters, mastermind of operations, offered spuds a tremendous opportunity and access to a great wealth of rarities from their favorite band. Many original DBA tapes still reside in the homes of DEVO band members. Sadly a few years later, it collapsed.

Fast forward to 2003. Pals Rob Lee and Thom Chiki begin discussing what a shame it is that the DBA has been out of commission for so long, depriving fans of the wonderful service. The idea is hatched and the ball begins to roll. Thom talks to Alex via AOL Instant Messenger about the idea of reviving the Archive, and Alex begins contacting many various DEVO fans to obtain rare material.

By April of 2004, Alex has amassed enough material that Booji Boy’s Basement opens. Emails from DEVO fans pour in, all in search of DEVO rarities. Generous spuds from all over the world donate things missing from the collection and it eventually grew to be fairly authorotative.

Though the Basement remained strongly in service for a number of years, real-life toil began to crowd what free time the distributors once had and operations of the Basement effectively ceased. However, the passion never left. Available today is the complete audio collection in digital format, with a total re-design and re-launch of the site in the plans for the future.

Remember this, spuds: we are here to serve and educate. We do it all for you.