A001 - xxxx-xx-xx - Unreleased Live Songs (Disc 1)

    Akron, 1974
  1. Fraulein
  2. The Death of Lt. Casanova
  3. Midget

  4. Unknown Dates
  5. Kick Ass Rock and Roll
  6. Don't Know Why I Love You
  7. Dipshit
  8. Pink Rattle
  9. I Think I'm Fallling In Love Again

  10. Cleveland 5/28/77
  11. Huboon Stomp
  12. The Last Time I Saw St. Louis
  13. Polyvinyl Chloride
  14. Nutty Buddy

  15. LA 8/24/77
  16. I'm a Potato
  17. Booji Needs a Chick

  18. Akron 2/77
  19. Fraulein

  20. NYC 7/21/79
  21. In Heaven Everything Is Fine
  22. The One That Gets Away


variable (sample)


David Plunkett




Compiled by David Plunkett from a number of different shows and discs.


This two-disc set is a great place to start off if you're looking for live stuff that never made it to any of the official albums. A few of the songs on this disc are available in higher quality elsewhere, but the "unknown date" songs are exclusive to this disc.

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