D001 - Rare Demos & Unreleased Tracks (Disc 1)

  1. Everything's Gonna Be OK
  2. Auto Mo-down (alternate)*
  3. Huber House*
  4. Smart Patrol (Version 1)*
  5. Total Love*
  6. Can U Take It (alternate)*
  7. All of Us (alternate)*
  8. The Twinkle Tune
  9. Doghouse Doghouse
  10. Live Forever
  11. Shimmy Shake*
  12. Falling in Love Again*
  13. Midget (alternate mix)*
  14. Space Junk
  15. Don't Know What To Do Do
  16. Man From the Past
  17. Lost At Home (aka Tater Tot)
  18. Huboon Stomp
  19. Secret Agent Man (video version)
  20. Jocko Homo (video version)
  21. Because
    (The Truth About De-Evolution outro theme)
  22. A Plan for U (extended edit)
  23. Uncontrollable Urge (Version 1)
  24. Musika Mutato
  25. Hey Hey My My (outtake version)
  26. Rhythmic Itch
    (Mark and Bob Mothersbaugh with Hugh Cornwell and Robert A. Williams)




David Plunkett




Compiled by David Plunkett from a number of different sources. Tracks marked with an asterisk have been upgraded on 11/10/06.


This two disc set compiles a vast number of Devo rarities, many that came from very low-generation sources. Great, great stuff. Look out for a page with detailed descriptions soon.

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