D002 - Rare Demos & Unreleased Tracks (Disc 2)

  1. Can U Take It (extended edit)*
  2. Secret Agent Man (Mark vox)
  3. Smart Patrol (Version 2)*
  4. Sloppy
  5. Shrivel Up
  6. Uncontrollable Urge (Version 2)
  7. DEVO Corporate Anthem*
  8. Hobknob with the Snobs*
  9. Clockout
  10. Blockhead
  11. U Got Me Bugged (instrumental)
  12. Hey Hey My My (long version)
  13. How Many Ropes (Paranoia)
  14. It Takes a Worried Man
    (video version with Booji Boy speech)
  15. Smoezart
  16. Softcore Mutations (Lounge Version 1)
  17. Race of Doom
  18. Red Shark
  19. Toil Is Stupid
  20. Death of Booji Boy (instrumental)
  21. Through Being Cool intro music
  22. Dr. Detroit (instrumental)
  23. It Doesn't Matter to Me
    (Mark Mothersbaugh and Nancye Ferguson)
  24. Tank Girl U Want (film version)
  25. Slaughterhouse Rock theme
  26. Scared by Your Love




David Plunkett




Compiled by David Plunkett from a number of different sources. Tracks marked with an asterisk have been upgraded on 11/10/06.


This two disc set compiles a vast number of Devo rarities, many that came from very low-generation sources. Great, great stuff. Look out for a page with detailed descriptions soon.

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