D004 - The Forgotten Bits

  1. Freedom of Choice (early live version)*
  2. I Been Refused (alternate take)*
  3. Baby Talkin' Bitches (alternate mix)
  4. Goo Goo Itch (early version)*
  5. Stop, Look and Listen (early version)
  6. Fraulein (second demo)
  7. I'm A Potato (alternate take)
  8. Softcore Mutation (version 2)*
  9. Strange Pursuit (practice tape)*
  10. Snowball (instrumental rough mix)
  11. Freedom of Choice (instrumental rough mix)
  12. Let's Talk (alternate mix)
  13. Disco Dancer (demo)
  14. Jocko Homo (Live at the Roxy 1/20/1988)*
  15. Bamboo Bimbo (Live at the Roxy 1/20/1988)*
  16. Witch Doctor (demo)

  18. Freedom of Choice Theme (take 1)
  19. Whip It (take 1)
  20. Freedom of Choice Theme (take 2)
  21. Whip It (take 2)
  22. Girl U Want EZ (take 1)
  23. Girl U Want EZ (take 2)
  24. Planet Earth








The tracks marked with an asterisk are MP3-sourced. If you have non-MP3 versions of these tracks, please contact us and we will update this disc. There have been a couple revisions to the disc since it was first posted. If you would like the newest version, email us and we'll get you set up.

The live tracks aren't entirely appropriate for this disc, but it's the best home we could find for them. "Freedom of Choice" was labeled as the "disco version" and is obviously a very prototypical version. "Jocko Homo" and "Bamboo Bimbo" come from a mini-gig, which was David Kendrick's first live DEVO gig. It was the first performance of the acoustic "Jocko" and "Mechanical Man" was also performed. If you have a compelte copy of either of the shows these songs came from, please contact us.


This collection is more scatter-brained than the other two because of the piecemeal fashion in which it was compiled. Nevertheless, there is some true gold here and the rehearsal tape is a great insight into the working of the band.

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