I002 - 2005-03-05 - Phone Interview with David Kendrick by Alex Brunelle

  1. meeting Bob Casale
  2. Visiting Kids
  3. joining DEVO
  4. Alan
  5. one-off shows
  6. influences
  7. becoming a DEVO fan
  8. back cover of Total Devo
  9. drums on Smooth Noodle Maps
  10. drums on Total Devo
  11. alternate tracks and remixes
  12. Now It Can Be Told
  13. songs not played on tour
  14. tour stories
  15. music videos
  16. costumes
  17. more one-off performances
  18. not drumming + 90's studio work
  19. lost Bob1 project
  20. condom collection
  21. Empire of Fun
  22. being interviewed + closing thoughts




Alex Brunelle


master WAV file


Questions compiled by Alex Brunelle and Thom Chiki. Track names reflect topics covered during the track.


Definitely a lot of new information here from the rarely-interviewed David Kendrick. This one is really one to hear if you're at all interested in Devo's later years. David's memory is sharp and keen to remember a bunch of salivating spud-trivia.