M001 - The Royal Tenenbaums Original Score (Oscar Promo Disc)

  1. The Royal Tenenbaums
  2. The Lindebergh
  3. Margot Returns Home
  4. "I'm Dying"
  5. Something Brewing
  6. Look At That Ol' Grizzly Bear
  7. Motherbaugh's Canon
  8. Raleigh And Margot
  9. "You're True Blue, Ethyl"
  10. Heavy Duty
  11. "How Can I Help"
  12. To Be A Tenenbaum
  13. "It's A Divorce"
  14. Chas Chases Eli
  15. "I Need Help"
  16. Rooftop Talk
  17. Lindeburgh
  18. End Credits




Alex Brunelle


promo CD-R


This disc was originally sent out to members of the Motion Picture Academy to consider for an Oscar. Also interesting to note is that tracks 2 and 17 are exactly the same and are spelled as they are here on the insert that came with the CD.


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