M003 - Music for Films Vol. 2 (The Films of Wes Anderson)

    Bottle Rocket
  1. Voluntary Hosmal Escape
  2. Gun Buyers
  3. Bookstore Robbery
  4. Dignan's Dance
  5. And Also Because He Fired Me
  6. Cleaning Rooms wit Inez
  7. She Looks Just Like You
  8. No Lifeguard on Duty
  9. Rocky
  10. Doesn't Sound that Bad In Spanish
  11. Snowflake Music
  12. Mr. Henry's Chop Shop
  13. You're Breaking His Heart
  14. Goddammit I'm In
  15. No Jazz
  16. Highway Reprised
  17. 75 Year Plan
  18. Futureman's Theme

  19. Rushmore
  20. Hardest Geometry Problem in the World
  21. Sharp Little Guy
  22. The Lad with the Sower Button
  23. Edward Appleby
  24. Piranhas Are a Very Tricky Species
  25. Friends Like You, Who Needs Friends
  26. Kite Flying Society
  27. Margaret Young's Theme

  28. The Royal Tenenbaums
  29. 111 Archer Ave
  30. Lindeberg Palace Hotel Suite
  31. Look at that Ol Grizzly Bear
  32. Mothersbaugh's Cannon
  33. Scrapping & Yelling
  34. Pagada's Theme
  35. I Always Wanted to be a Tenenbaum
  36. Rachel Evans Tenenbaum
  37. Sparkplug Minuet




Hans Hoekstra


official soundtracks


Complied by UK spud Paul Conlon. This disc focuses on Mark's pre-Life Aquatic work for Wes Anderson. These are taken from retail soundtracks, not the promotional scores CDs.


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