M021 - The Life Aquatic Original Score (Oscar Promo Disc)

    Promo Score
  1. Loquasto Party
  2. Let Me Tell You About My Boat
  3. Attack on Ping Island
  4. Zissou's Letter to Ned
  5. Pirate Attack
  6. Robbing Hennessey
  7. Sauna Interruptus
  8. On the Deck
  9. Escape From Ping Island
  10. Diving With Team Zissou
  11. Electro Ned Hero

  12. Soundtrack selections
  13. Loquasto International Film Festival
  14. Let Me Tell You About My Boat
  15. Zissou Society Blue Star Cadets/Ned's Theme Take 1
  16. We Call Them Pirates Out Here
  17. Ping Island/Lightning Strike Rescue Op
  18. Gut Feeling




Alex Brunelle


promo CD, official soundtrack CD


Tracks taken from the retail soundtrack are all different mixes or alternate versions than those on the score CD. Devo's "Gut Feeling" from the soundtrack has been included for the sake of completeness.


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