M022 - Cassette from Rev. Ivan Stang

  1. [workout muzak]
  2. Dune II (alternate)
  3. Dune I
  4. Dune II
  5. [chase muzik]
  6. Toil Is Stupid
  7. Let's Talk (snippet)
  8. Let's Talk (alternate mix)
  9. [muzak]
  10. That's Good (EZ)
  11. Gates of Steel (EZ)
  12. XP27
  13. XP28
  14. XP32
  15. XP29
  16. XP39
  17. XP31


very good


Rev. Toth Wilder


original cassette


Titles in brackets are not real titles, but rather are brief descriptions of the tracks. The EZ tracks are slightly different mixes than the "album" versions. Mark gave this tape of music to Stang to use on the Subgenius radio show. The "XP" tracks are snippets of the full songs, which can be found on Mark's Muzik for Insomniaks albums.


The presence of unique material makes this disc worth having. And the unique material is defintely worth a listen. However, most of the tracks have been heard before in some form or another, which is why I rated it a 3.