S013 - DEVOtional 2003: Audio Documentation (Disc 2)

    The Rapers
  1. Fountain of Filth
  2. Uglatto
  3. Come Back Jonee
  4. Strange Pursuit
  5. 34C
  6. They Call me "The Raper"
  7. Beer n' Weed
  8. Night Stalker
  9. Breakin' the Rulez (Rape2Live2Rape)
  10. Hot Ladies
  11. Ghost of Ron

  12. Jerry Casale
  13. a few words

  14. Rev. Ivan Stang
  15. Praise DEVO (rant)

  16. The Amino Acids
  17. (a.) Like Sheep to the Moon (b.) Dicks Hostile Planet (c.) Trafalgar (d.) Return of the Astro Squid



Rev. Toth Wilder



From the Lime Spider on August 9, 2003. Recorded by Malcolm Tent.


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