S016 - The Bob I Band: Live @ The China Club - Los Angeles, CA 1992

  1. Intro
  2. No Buts, No Maybes
  3. Modern Don Juan
  4. Magic Johnson (Nutty Buddy)
  5. Shag Carpet
  6. "37"
  7. Huboon Stomp (cut)
  8. Secret Agent Man
  9. This Is Science
  10. Midget
  11. Broke Dick Blues
  12. ???


very good


David Kendrick (transferred to CD by Mike Ziegler)




Please see this page for more info on this band. Also, the original note the tape came with specified LA as the location, but the China Club is definitely known to be in New York City, but we're going to stick with the note.


It's really great to hear Bob1 on his own and some of the songs here are really wonderful. The renditions of old DEVO songs are uniquely re-worked for this blues-influenced band and what little of "Huboon Stomp" is recorded here is really rockin'.

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