S025 - Mongoloid - 2005-10-08 - San Francisco, CA - Stork Club (Set 2)

  1. Penetration in the Centerfold
  2. I'm A Potato
  3. Soo Bawlz
  4. Huboon Stomp
  5. Social Fools
  6. Mongoloid
  7. Sloppy
  8. Space Junk
  9. Praying Hands
  10. Jocko Homo
  11. Ono
  12. Uncontrollable Urge



Doug Pearson


audience (MD)


Recorded by Doug Pearson. San Francisco's own DEVO tribute band, playing at the afterparty for DEVO's show in Oakland, CA that night. Click here for more info on the men behind the music. Only the second set was recorded this night (Doug forgot to unpause his recorder for the first set).


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