S040 - DEVOtional 2005: Audio Documentation (Disc 1)

    The No-Counts
  1. Noodling
  2. Intro
  3. Whip It

  4. David Kendrick talk/Q&A
  5. History
  6. Working Enviornment
  7. First Show
  8. Brazillian Shows
  9. Enigma
  10. 1990
  11. Collections
  12. Condoms
  13. Band Dynamics
  14. Songwriting
  15. Enigma Music Videos
  16. Favorite Songs to Play
  17. Rituals
  18. Stage Feelings
  19. Current Projects
  20. Live Album
  21. Live Sequences
  22. Songs Cut from NICBT
  23. Alan + Enigma's Problem
  24. Despot Records
  25. Live Drumming
  26. Team DEVO
  27. Byebye



Alex Brunelle




Event was held at the Lime Spider in Akron, OH on 8/20/2005.

The No-Counts were an interesting concept. A friend and radio DJ, an actual Transylvanian count by the name of Count John Manolesco had recorded a vocal track for "Whip It" some 25 years ago for use on his radio show, though he was totally unfamiliar with the song. However, this didn't stop his rendition from being a hot play on local Ohio stations. Sadly, the Count died before ever being able to perform it live. 25 years later, however, through the magic of digital technology, the Count performs from beyond the grave!


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