S047 - Team DEVO - 2005-09-11 - Philadelphia, PA - The First Unitarian Church

  1. Timing X/Clockout
  2. Strange Pursuit
  3. Time Out For Fun
  4. Too Much Paranoias
  5. Wiggly World
  6. Whip It
  7. Whip It (sped up)
  8. Jerkin' Back 'N' Forth
  9. Blockhead
  10. Jocko Homo
  11. Peek-A-Boo!
  12. Explosions
  13. Gates of Steel
  14. Girl U Want
  15. The Super Thing
  16. Love Without Anger
  17. Through Being Cool
  18. Freedom of Choice
  19. Mongoloid
  20. Triumph of the Will
  21. Planet Earth
  22. Smart Patrol/Mr. DNA
  23. Gut Feeling/(Slap Your Mammy)
  24. Uncontrollable Urge
  25. DEVO Corporate Anthem



Yanni Papadopoulos




Team DEVO is a band made up of students at the Paul Greene School of Rock, Philadelphia, made up completely of teenagers. The students learned these DEVO songs in their classes and this was their big all-out performance for faculty and family.

The performance of "Whip It" wound up being very slow, sloppy and disjointed. To help remedy that to a certain degree, a kind mother sped up the track to the proper tempo and included that on here as well.


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