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Bob1's Blue Ibanez Gutiar Found!

Do you remember in our Bob1 interview what he said about this guitar? Well, it's been found! It's nearly a miracle! Read all about it here!

The Bob I Band

Never heard of it? Find out more.

Basement interview with Bob1

Booji Boy's Basement was granted the privilege of interviewing Bob Mothersbaugh via email. Some great information here. Click here to read it!

DEVOtional 2005

This DEVOtional was a resounding success! Special guests were David Kendrick and Chuck Statler. Click here for a full write-up.

DEVOtional 2006

DEVOtional 2006 rocked the house. There's no official write-up here, but if you wanna check out the original page, clicky clicky.