Donator Sites

Iliff D. Hicks

The Smartpatrol - Jurrien Siekman/Hans Hoekstra

Places of Interest

Club DEVO - Official DEVO website

Mutato Muzika - Mark Mothersbaugh's production site

Spud Talk - the hub of online DEVO discussion

Devo-Obsesso! - go inside the mind of an obsessed fan

DEVO Live Guide by Mike Ziegler - this guide is a completely invaluable resource to DEVO's live history

Church of the SubGenius - "Bob" wants you to visit

Ronald Cole's DEVO site - lyrics and PDF files of the DEVO Print Collection! Wow!

Planet Earth - good reference guide, and a page about who sings what

Blazoner server - DEVO fan covers, Mark Mothersbaugh playing cards, all sorts of cool crap

'Are We Not Men?' book - the only book about DEVO around

DEVODUDE - all the Devo desktop wallpapers you could possibly hope for

Duty Now For the Future! - the only DEVO podcast there is, fully endorsed by and featuring goodies from the Basement!