How Do I Get Material from the Basement Archive?

Currently, only our Audio collection is available digitally. Due to a variety of factors (mainly, the daily bandwith limit of downloads from where the files are hosted) we require you to send us an email requesting links to the show you're interested in. Please limit requests for links to 10 shows at a time (again, because of bandwidth limitations).

All of the links we provide to audio will be in FLAC format. FLAC is a compressed, but lossless, audio codec that provides CD-quality (or higher) audio. This is the best way for us to archive and distribute the audio material, as it retains the full original quality of the recording as best we have it.

If you are having trouble playing the FLAC files, it's quite easy to convert them to a variety of other formats using FlacSquisher on Windows or XLD on OSX.

Additionally, if you encounter any problems with any of the links sent to you, please email Alex so that the issue can be resolved.