1974-04-23 – Kent, OH – Governance Chambers, Kent State University (Creative Arts Festival)


Source (SBD #1):

soundboard -> reel-to-reel


reel (M) -> 320kbps MP3


DEVO’s second ever public performance. An absolutely unbelievable sonic record of the group in a stage that many spuds have never heard before! Bob Lewis, an original co-founder of the group and the chief co-conspirator of devolutionary theories with GVC, shared this audio with the DEVO community. He supplied the Basement with an MP3 copy, which has been losslessly split up into individual tracks.

You can listen to the whole recording on YouTube right now!


Gerald V. Casale- bass, vocals
Mark Mothersbaugh- synth, vocals
Jim Mothersbaugh- drums (acoustic)
Bob Lewis- lead guitar
Bob Casale- rhythm guitar

Ed Barger- sound
Genral Jackett- lights

The stage setup, per Bob Lewis: “Riser set up opposite end from podium; sound board at the podium. Mark was far stage left, then me, Jim center behind, then Jerry, Bob C. far right. Bob C playing his Hagstrom, me playing the blonde telecaster thru a hot-rodded Champ. Two big Voice of Theater cabinets, Eddie Barger running sound; Genral Jackett lights.”


Bob Lewis