1978-11-03 – Minneapolis, MN – Walker Art Center Auditorium

Original Recording


Source (SBD #1):

soundboard > master reel


Soundboard reel master (1/2 track) > reel (1st, 1/2 track) @ 15 ips > reel (2nd @ 7.5 ips) > AKAI GX-4000D reel to reel > Creative Soundblaster X-FI HD Model #sb1240 wav (24/96khz) > Magix Audio cleaning lab for KRW

Track marks volume adjustment and edits > wav 16/44.1 > traders little helper flac (level 8)


An incredible recording of an incredible show. A complete classic, and a must-have.

This transfer began circulating in about 2005. This show was videotaped by the band and parts were included in The Men Who Make the Music home video.

As of 2023-11-09, the previously distributed fileset (taken from a CD-R rip) has been replaced with the original FLAC distribution of this tape transfer. Sound quality is identical. These original files have been modified to include proper metadata and filenames.


Dave L. (2005), digital download (2023)

xMMx Revision

[xMMx revisions have been treated to provide the smoothest listening experience. Please keep all notes with these revisions and do not distribute them in place of the original recordings.]



Pitch corrected.

Alessandro B. Revision



Pitch correction + some glitches removed + little reshape of the stereo imaging + some phase correlation improvement, + since i was there also did smooth some crazy audience mix between tracks + very slight harmonics content tinkering (NO EQ OR DYNAMICS PROCESSING – aside from limiting).


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