1978-11-19 – Paris, France – Theatre le Palace

Original Recording:


Source (AUD #1):

audience > unknown


ANA(x) > CDR(x) > WAV [44.1kHz] > FLAC [Level 8]


The version of this show distributed through the Basement for a long time now has been plagued by digital corruption in the first two tracks. UK spud Jim D. has recently been able to provide the Basement with a clean copy, which we’re happy to offer now.


David P. (2003) / Jim D. (2020 upgrade)

xMMx Revision:

[xMMx revisions have been treated to provide the smoothest listening experience. Please keep all notes with these revisions and do not distribute them in place of the original recordings.]



Revisions for this show are unknown, but likely include pitch correction, tape patches, level adjustment, and/or light EQ.


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