1981-12-04 – San Francisco, CA – San Francisco Civic Auditorium

Original Recording


Source (AUD#1):

audience > unknown


Cassette (M) > Cassette (1) > FLAC


Todd L. (taper) / Michael K. (transfer and share)

xMMx Revision

[xMMx revisions have been treated to provide the smoothest listening experience. Please keep all notes with these revisions and do not distribute them in place of the original recordings.]



Re-balanced L-R channels

Assessed/corrected pitch deviations

Applied EQ to boost low end

Applied fade in at start

Reduced mic bump in “Going Under”

Patched 13 seconds from 1981.10.25 gig to repair cut between “Jerkin'” &

“Soft Things”

Trimmed several seconds after “Soft Things” to remove multiple mic bumps

Smoothed cut in “Jocko Homo”

Smoothed cut near start of “Smart Patrol”

Applied fade to cut end of “Gates of Steel” and added modest space between

it and cut start of “Beautiful World”

Smoothed tape cut in crowd noise just before “Coal Mine”

Reduced multiple mic bumps in crowd noise following “Devo Corporate Anthem”;

trimmed 11 seconds of crowd noise from end of recording and applied fade out



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