1988-11-20a – New York City, NY – The Ritz

Original Recording


Source (AUD #1):

audience > unknown


ANA(x) > CDR(x) > WAV [44.1kHz] > FLAC [Level 8]


xMMx Revision

[xMMx revisions have been treated to provide the smoothest listening experience. Please keep all notes with these revisions and do not distribute them in place of the original recordings.]



Identified pitch deviations using Philly DAT source sequenced songs as a reference (also tuning software during playback against official references); boosted the mids a bit to take a little of the murk off of Bob 1; balanced Beautiful World & Somewhere Suite (left channel was weak on the former and even weaker on the latter); patched :04 onto the cut start of “Uncontrollable Urge” from the prior night’s gig; applied cross fades and/or re-joined drop-outs at the tape flip and encore cuts; re-tracked. TLH for SB alignment.


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