1990-09-23 – Uppsala, Sweden – Uppsala Universitet – Västmanlands-Dala Nation

Original Recording


Source (AUD #1):

Sony ECM-929LT > Sony WM-D6C


1st Generation Cassette > Yamaha KX-500U > Audacity (16 bit/44.1 kHz) > AIFF > xACT (fix SBE) > FLAC (Level 8)


This is the best complete audience recording from the 1990 tour. I Need A Chick was an impromptu performance at the afterparty for the gig. DEVO co-opted the stage in the middle of a set by Swedish tribute band, the Smart Patrol.

Transferred by Phil H. (phil183)


digital download

xMMx Revision

[xMMx revisions have been treated to provide the smoothest listening experience. Please keep all notes with these revisions and do not distribute them in place of the original recordings.]



Identified pitch deviations using 1988 Philly DAT source sequenced songs as a reference (also tuning software during playback against official references) and adjusted accordingly; re-tracked. reduced afterparty by 2dB to match apparent volume of main portion; TLH for SB alignment.


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