2018-06-30 – Oakland, CA – Mosswood Park – Burger Boogaloo


Source (AUD #1):

iPhone (with YouTube video extract patches)


iPhone recording with missing sections patched in from YouTube videos of show


A very special DEVO performance, complete with intro by festival host and DEVOtee, John Waters. Fred Armisen (SNL, Portlandia) joins on drums for what was, as of 2020, his only performance with the band. Fred worked hard to emulate Alan Myers’ drum sound by building his kit from vintage pieces, including many of the same type that Alan used. Booji Boy and the band also perform a rendition of “The Girl Can’t Help It”, a throwback to when they opened for the Akron premiere of John Waters’ film Pink Flamingos and covered the song in their set.

BeAuTiFuL MuTaNt recorded the majority of the set using his iPhone, and Kit Watson pulled the missing pieces from YouTube videos and mastered the audio as best as possible for a smooth listening experience.


BeAuTiFuL MuTaNt (Aaron Williams-Matthews) and Kit Watson