DEVOtional 2005: Audio Documentation


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DEVOtional 2005 was held at the Lime Spider in Akron, OH, on 2005-08-20. Recorded from the soundboard by Alex Brunelle, and in the room by Malcolm Tent.

When you place a request for a set of DEVOtional Audio Documentation, you will receive a link to all relevant recordings from that year and are free to pick and choose what parts you’d like to keep.

The No-Counts: A friend and radio DJ, an actual Transylvanian count by the name of Count John Manolesco had recorded a vocal track for Whip It some 25 years before for use on his radio show, though he was totally unfamiliar with the song. However, this didn’t stop his rendition from being a hot play on local Ohio stations. Sadly, the Count died before ever being able to perform it live. 25 years later, however, through the magic of digital technology, the Count performs from beyond the grave.

Team DEVO is a band made up of students at the Paul Greene School of Rock, Philadelphia, made up completely of teenagers. The students learned these DEVO songs in their classes and debuted their set at the ECC and DEVOtional.

Spudboys soundboard audio was professionally remastered by Rob Colwell.

The soundboard recordings made at the Lime Spider left something to be desired. The sound generally wasn’t good, but Malcolm’s recordings sound a bit fuller. (The downside, however, is that Malcolm’s mics wound up being hit by Scott Orsi’s large fan that was sitting on the stage during the Spuodboys’ set.)


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Alex B., Malcolm Tent


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