DEVO Print Collection (1994)


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Something a little different for the archive. Compiled by scholarly spud Sammy Larson in service of the original DEVO Bootleg Archive. I will allow the original promo text for this collection speak for itself (copied from “THE DEVO FAQ”, posted to on 1996-02-08):

This is a compilation of various printed material documenting DEVO’s whole career, from the pre-contract days of 1977 thru the 1994 laserdisk review. Over 100 magazine articles and interviews, 100 reviews from every major album and concert tour, magazine advertisements and all five letters from The Desk Of General Boy, all photocopied and bound into a reference book fit for every student of de-evolution.

Learn the trivial:
+ why the Duty Now album cover is covered with UPC symbols
+ the original TEN de-evolutionary precepts
+ jobs the spudboys had before DEVO

Learn the profound:
+ theories of “high DEVO” and “low DEVO”
+ the meaning of lyrics, album themes, and video concepts
+ DEVO’s overall message, motive, and method

Learn the factual:
+ the events surrounding the split between Devo and Warner Bros.
+ DEVO’s arrest in Texas
+ DEVO’s music equipment

The original printed edition was offered by mail for the cost of materials and postage, which covered 295 pages of photocopies and professional Velo binding.

This PDF version was scanned by Terri O. and hosted online by Ronald C. for many years.


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