Myopia (2015-2016)




Two different limited edition EPs of nearly all new material released in conjunction with Mark’s Myopia museum exhibit. One was released for the Minneapolis Institute of Art and features more abstract, sound-based music:

“Created by MIA, in collaboration with Mark Mothersbaugh, this limited-edition vinyl is being released to celebrate Myopia, the artist’s groundbreaking contemporary art exhibition, on view at MIA June 18-August 30, 2015.”

The other was released for the Akron Museum of Art and features more traditional “songs”:

“Akron Art Museum “Mark Mothersbaugh: Myopia” May 29th-August 28th, 2016. Random colored vinyl. Every record a different color.”

Two different rips are included of each release. For the Minneapolis EP, there is a FLAC vinyl rip and MP3s downloaded using the download code included with the record. For the Akron EP, there is a FLAC vinyl rip and an MP3 vinyl rip. Each has its own sonic qualities, and since the MP3s were distributed here before the FLAC version, both will continue to be available.


Minneapolis – Vinyl FLAC, WEB 320kbps MP3

Akron – Vinyl FLAC, Vinyl 320kbps MP3


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