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Something a little different for the archive. Fans may be familiar with My Struggle by Booji Boy, published in 1978. I’ll let the Colophon text from this edition speak for itself.

This new digital version of Mark Mothersbaugh’s My Struggle was conceived of and produced by the My Struggle Unbound Consortium, a cadre of like-minded spuds interested in pooling their resources, acquiring a pristine physical copy of the original book, unbinding it, digitizing and remastering its entire contents at high resolution, and creating a new electronically distributable document that could be shared among fans.

This digital edition was painstakingly created from an original copy of My Struggle that had to be sacrificed for the cause.

After four months of searching, a suitably clean and undamaged 2nd Ed. copy of the book was acquired by the Consortium via online auction. Using an industrial stack cutter, the spine of the book was carefully removed, separating the cover and all pages from the binding. An Apple iMac served as the technical platform for all subsequent work. The cover and fly sheets were digitized on a Canon LiDE 110 flatbed scanner in full 16-bit 600dpi color, and the interior pages were digitized at 8-bit 600dpi grayscale to eliminate the natural color variations of the paper. Utilizing a platen jig for consistent positioning, and a fixed scanning profile throughout the entire job, each page scan resulted in an uncompressed TIFF image file that required no further editing to correct for trim, x/y offset, or rotation. Through meticulous manual manipulation of three baseline pages selected for their representation of the wide variations in content, an image mastering chain was established in Adobe Photoshop CC comprised of appropriate luminosity curve, threshold, and noise reduction digital effects. To restore the natural paper color and texture, one page was photographed in diffuse Noontime sunlight, from which an avergaged paper color and texture was derived, and this was overlayed on every page as the final step in the mastering chain. The remastered image file set was then reviewed, page by page, rectifying through further manual editing any issues detected. The final full-resolution image files were then imported and assembled into a new digital book in Adobe Acrobat, and saved in Portable Document Format (PDF). Downsampled 300dpi and screen resolution (72dpi) versions of the document were also generated directly from the full-resolution source.

The CBZ version was created by the Basement using 300dpi TIFF files, converted to JPG. CBZ is typically a format for digital comic books, and can be easily read on mobile devices or desktops. CDisplayEx is a great option for Windows and Android users, while YACReader is recommended for Mac and iOS users.


My Struggle Unbound Consortium


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