Ten-Year Olds With Suckerpads – The alt.fan.devo Compilation Volume 1 (1997)




From the insert of the CD: “A compilation of songs from users that frequented the ALT.FAN.DEVO Usenet newsgroup. Spuds from across North America submitted cassettes, CD’s, and even e-mailed MPEG Audio files as submissions for this project. Many AFD users were sending cassettes and CDs back and forth to each other, and a couple of guys (Mitch Thomas and Michael Wilson) thought it might be fun to compile some of these tunes and put them on a recordable CD.”

Though not covers of DEVO tunes, every track here is DEVO-inspired. A relic from a bygone era of online DEVO fandom.


original CD-R (though the CD was made from lossy files)


Jim D.


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