Greetings, spuds! A few months have passed since the last site/collection update, and although there have not been any new additions to our selections just yet, I wanted to drop a quick note here to offer some insight as to why, and also to make mention of a continuing technical issue with the website.

Last things first, the continuing technical issue is that order confirmation emails are only intermittently, and not often, making it to my inbox. That means orders are currently only getting filled when it occurs to me that I haven’t done that in a while, check in on the backend, and catch up on backlogged orders. Rest assured, every order will always be responded to and filled, but if there is a delay, that is why. Our wonderful webmistress knows of the issue and it will be solved in due time.

First things last, two huge things happened in my life recently: I switched up my career from one passion to another, and actually got to use Booji Boy’s Basement as a legitimate resume entry. I have been enjoying this new line of work greatly, which was a perfect way to begin the next chapter of my life, in which I married an astounding and beautiful woman named Angela. That happened just under two weeks ago, on the seventh anniversary of our first date. She was a DEVO fan before we met, and if I hadn’t already been sure I was going to be marrying the coolest gal there is, she went and got one of the most incredible DEVO tattoos I’ve ever seen just two weeks before the wedding.

So, I’ve been a bit distracted for the last few months. Rest assured, my dedication to the Basement has not wavered, and there will be significant updates in the coming months. Until then…

-Alex Brunelle
archivist-in-residence, Booji Boy’s Basement