Welcome (or welcome back) to Booji Boy’s Basement!

Booji Boy’s Basement is a not-for-profit distribution service for non-commercial DEVO and DEVO-related recordings. Nothing is ever for sale. Our goal is to allow every spud and spudess around the world to explore the history of Akron’s de-evolution band. First launched in 2004, and never fully out of service, we’re ecstatic to re-launch in 2020.

If you’ve been here before, the first thing you may notice is a major facelift! The website has been entirely redesigned and rebuilt from the ground up. The changes and updates that have been implemented are things we have been wanting to do for the service for many years now, and will keep us running strong for years to come. 100% of this is thanks to Shelby Gonzales, freelance web designer and DEVOtee, who built the site you are browsing now.

There’s a bunch of new content to check out around the archive, too! You can easily see what’s been added since the last update at the old site as you browse around the audio collections.

A new Compilations section has been added, which features newly curated, comprehensive sets of demos, live rarities, TV appearances, and more. These are entirely new compilations of this material, featuring a plethora of additional tracks and upgrades to what was previously offered through the Basement. Even if you think you have all of the stuff in these sets, you should take a gander.

Another new feature is the addition of Booji Boy’s Basement Curated Collections. These collections have been hand-picked to give you the best of what the Basement has to offer in a few different areas. If you don’t want to go digging through lists, wondering what show to get, or worrying that you’re missing something brilliant, you’ll wanna take a peek at these “one-click” collections. The listing pages also include extensive commentary on the material contained therein.

Many Live Performances have been added to the archive since the last time the old website was updated. There are a smattering of wonderful-sounding recordings, some which are just beginning to circulate, and some upgrades and updates made to previously available material. Additionally, there have been many corrections to various dates and locations of recordings throughout the archive, cross-referenced with the DEVO Live Guide. There are also new goodies in the Specialties and Mark Mothersbaugh sections.

One aspect about the Live Performances section that we want to highlight is the addition of “revisions” by xMetalMarkx for many analog-era recordings. xMMx has painstakingly gone through many, many shows in the collection to correct speed, tape drops, and other imperfections to make for the smoothest listening experience possible. It was a huge amount of work performed over many years, and we’re happy to host them here. These versions are selectable on shows they’re available for.

And of course, stay tuned to this space for further updates to the collection. We’re just getting started!

The sidebar on the left will navigate you to the main areas of the site. Check out the How To section for the rundown of how all this works. Go ahead and dive into the pile!