DEVO Goes to Hollywood (v2.1)




A comprehensive collection, curated by Booji Boy’s Basement, comprised of non-album material recorded post-Warner Bros. contract, mostly recorded for soundtracks. Tracks crossed out are not distributed through the Basement, as they are currently commercially available. Commercially available tracks have been collected into a Spotify playlist. This edition compiled 2023-11-09 and is known as v2.1.

Revision History:

2020-xx-xx v1 – compilation created for internal use, never distributed

2023-10-18 v2 – redacted 7 commercially available tracks, track 17 vinyl rip courtesy Paul C

2023-11-09 v2.1 – removed track 22 Don’t Roof Rack Me, Bro! (Seamus Unleashed) [Remix] (track now included on BBB Make Me Dance compilation); updated metadata


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