Make Me Dance [A Collection of DEVO Remixes] (v2.2)




An original Basement compilation of all available “official” DEVO remixes, compiled in 2006, with updated sources swapped out in 2020, and further revised in 2023. Now also including multitracks/stems to create your own remixes! This edition compiled 2023-11-09 and is known as v2.2.

Crossed out tracks are currently commercially available. Some are on the Turn Around: B-Sides and More (1978-1984) compilation by WB (although I suspect one or two on that compilation were sourced from this compilation).  Many late 80s/early 90s remxies are, for now, commercially available on the superb Futurismo reissues of Total DEVO and SmoothNoodleMaps. These are incredible reissues and deserve a place on the shelf in any self-respecting spud’s collection. A few others are now available on 50 Years of De-Evolution: 1973-2023. Remixes of What We Do are currently available for digital purchase.

Booji Boy’s Basement asks all spuds to fully support DEVO by purchasing their official output. Buying the products puts money in their pockets and stimulates further releases.

The “unreleased UK mix” of That’s Good comes courtesy of Jim D., and is sourced from an acetate played on a standard turntable, hence the sound quality. The “CHR Mix” of Post Post-Modern Man is only very subtly different from the “Macro Post-Modern Mix”; the effect on the guitar differs.

The “original demo” of Watch Us Work It was, in fact, created and mixed for the 12″ release, and is not actually the original demo version of the song.

The fan remixes by Frank Panucci are in reference to a DEVO 7″ that labeled these two songs as being “Dance Velocity” versions, when in reality, they were just the album versions. Frank went ahead and corrected the error.


Dave L., Alex B., Jeff “NoodleMaps”, Rev. Toth Wilder, Thom C., Jim D., Frank Panucci, Paul C.

Revision History:

2005-2022 v1 – compilation created, originally created as 3 CDs, various tracks have been added and removed over the years to keep up with reissued/in print tracks

2023-10-17 v2 – revised to remove tracks featured on 50 Years of De-Evolution compilation, added track 38 and 50-53 courtesy Paul C., renamed and retagged existing files (no other changes made to existing files), added folders of multitracks and stems, not widely distributed

2023-10-27 v2.1 – added commercially available What We Do remixes into track sequence, added unreleased remix of That’s Good courtesy Jim D., added unreleased remix of Let’s Get To It, re-sequenced track list, renamed and retagged existing files (no other changes made to existing files)

2023-11-09 v2.2 – added remixes of Watch Us Work it into track sequence, moved Don’t Roof Rack Me, Bro! (Seamus Unleashed) [Remix] to this compilation; updated metadata, added MD5 and FFP checksum files


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