Ultimate Unreleased Demos & Outtakes Collection (1973-2009) (v3.1)




A deep dive into the Basement collection and beyond, this collection aims to present a comprehensive set of circulating demos and other studio-based material the band has recorded, arranged in approximate chronological order, 1973-2009.

Many recordings originally included in this compilation have been removed due to their commercial release, sourced directly from the master recordings and in vastly superior quality, on the incredible Art Devo 1973-1977 compilation from Futurismo Inc. This particular release is simply stunning in terms of its audio fidelity and all good spuds owe it to themselves to have it in their collection for further study. Buying the products puts money in their pockets and stimulates further releases.

Sources and Commentary:

All tracks are pulled from long-circulating sources or official video material, except as noted below.

Track 2: This song used to appear on the Basement’s now-retired “Live Rarities” collection, but has since been confirmed to not be a recording of a public performance.

Tracks 14, 19, 26 and 28: Taken from MP3-only online bootleg, “dave ‘devo’ markey’s homebrewed devo rarities”.

Tracks 15 & 30: Out-of-print bonus tracks.

Track 29: Online promo MP3 in true stereo.

Tracks 31 & 32: Originally appeared with the bootleg release of a 1982 tour rehearsal, but are not from the same session.

Tracks 36 & 37: Taken from Mark Mothersbaugh’s Pee-weejects collection.

Tracks 38-40: Newly extracted music featured in the film Slaughterhouse Rock.

Track 47: Sourced from a mastering house reference CD-R. Sounds much better than the final album version.

Track 49: A studio jam by Mark, Jerry, Bob 1, and Bob 2 recorded as a part of a video greeting for attendees of DEVOtional 2000.

Track 50: Re-recorded version used for advertising campaigns, etc.

Tracks 52-54: Re-recorded versions for the Rock Band video game.

Track 55: Mix created from stems released as part of a remix competition.

Track 56: This track has been moved to the end of the collection because, while it has circulated with DEVO demos for many years, its provenance as an actual DEVO recording is questionable.

Track 57: Original dual-mono bootleg version of the same demo above.


Compiled from the Basement collection.

Revision History:

2019-08-12 v1 – 61 tracks, internal only, never distributed

2019-08-27 v2 – 77 tracks, internal only, not widely distributed

2020-04-11 v2.1 – 77 tracks, updated to include xMMX tweaks and bonuses in separate folder, distributed thru BBB 2020-10-02 thru 2023-06-10

2023-06-10 v3 – 56 tracks, with many removed (listed below) in advance of ART DEVO commercial release

REMOVED TRACKS (presumed to be available on ART DEVO):
Everything’s Gonna Be OK
Total Luv
I Don’t Know Why
Lost At Home
All of Us (alternate)
Smart Patrol (version 1)
Can U Take It (alternate)
Auto Modown (alternate)
Race of Doom
Falling In Love Again
The Twinkle Tune
Live Forever
Huboon Stomp
Uncontrollable Urge (version 1)
Space Junk
Shrivel Up
U Got Me Bugged (instrumental)

2023-10-18 v3.1 – 57 tracks, updated filenames and tags, some tracks removed or reinstated following the release of ART DEVO, more info listed below

Pigs Waddle – released on ART DEVO
Clockout – determined to be the same recording on Hardcore Vol. 2
Sloppy (single version) – now distributed on BBB Singles & B-Sides 1977-1984
It Takes A Worried Man (video version) – released on 50 Years of De-Evolution: 1973-2023
End Message – released on ART DEVO

Everything’s Gonna Be Alright – this is the same recording that appears on ART DEVO, but without synth overdubs
Smart Patrol (version 1) – a different early recording appears on ART DEVO
Can U Take It (alternate) – this is the same basic recording that appears on ART DEVO, but this version includes a unique vocal take
Huboon Stomp – this is the same recording that appears on ART DEVO, but without synth and sax overdubs
Uncontrollable Urge (version 1) – a different recording appears on ART DEVO

Blockhead – sourced from Electronic Music Magazine reissue of Mechanical Man 7″

Go Monkey Go (alternate mix) – courtesy Mr. 404


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