Oh, No! It’s Demos! (1982)




A very interesting look into the working process of the band. Maybe the most surprising thing is how close to the final arrangements some of these recordings are. Big Mess has the same instrumental track as the demo that appears on Recombo DNA, but has a Jerry vocal track instead of Mark. Speed Racer includes the original lyric “I’m a Barbie doll and I like to fuck”.

The rumor about this tape coming from Bob 1 is untrue. Mark allowed a friend and colleague to make a copy of this tape in the 90s. That person made a CD-R copy for themselves and another associate. That associate is responsible for further duplication.

The remaster of this collection by 3ronk7 is really nice to listen to and is the recommended version.


ANA(1) > CDR(x) > FLAC


Jeff R.


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