Greetings, spuds! The last few months at the Basement have been a flurry of activity. We’ve received almost 400 orders since we launched in October of last year! Today I write to you again to tell you of a bunch of very exciting content added to the catalog.

Primarily, there is a whole gaggle of new show recordings in the archive, ranging from 1974 to 1981! Did I say 1974? YES! There is now a circulating recording of DEVO’s second ever performance! The significance of this find cannot be understated, and it must be heard to be believed. That’s not the only milestone we’ve been able to add to the collection. We now also have an amazing tape of DEVO’s first ever performance in Los Angeles!  And as mentioned, there are more new or upgraded tapes from 1978, 1979, 1980, and 1981. As always, all the newest additions are marked for easy reference while browsing.

There has also been a slew of material added to the Specialties section. There is a truly bizarre artifact in the form of the Doctor Detroit Audio Press Kit. But moreover, many tribute compilations have been added! We now host the remaining out of print volumes of the Not Necessarily Beautiful But Mutated series compiled by Rev. Toth Wilder in conjunction with DEVOtional events. Toth still has certain volumes available for sale, and you can use our pages to learn how to order directly from Toth! There are also a few other fan projects from around the dawn of the millennium now preserved here before they become lost to the sands of time.

But that’s not all! There are a handful of newly added Mark Mothersbaugh scores, and one solo performance.

And finally, at the suggestion of a spud named Tim, I’ve put together a checklist spreadsheet that lists the entire Basement catalog. If you’re an obsessive collector, you can use this to keep track! Check out the spreadsheet for tips on its use, and please send in any feedback you might have to make this a better implemented feature of the Basement.

Stay tuned to the Basement site for more updates in the very near future. Soon, we will be offering up an incredible show from August 23, 1977, where the band opens the set with “Recombo DNA”! You can preview the show on YouTube right now courtesy of Mike Ziegler.

That’s all for now, potato people!

Duty now for the future!
-Alex Brunelle
archivist-in-residence, Booji Boy’s Basement